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HPE StoreEver MSL3040 LTO 8 Tape Library Base Module

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  • HPE StoreEver MSL3040 Scalable LTO Tape Library Base Module
  • HPE StoreEver MSL3040 Scalable LTO Tape Library Base Module from the rear
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HPE StoreEver MSL3040 Scalable LTO Tape Library Base Module - LTO Ultrium 8 

The HPE StoreEver MSL3040 LTO Tape Library gives small to mid-sized businesses and organizations flexibility in long-term data protection and retention of data storage assets. With its modular design and ability to reuse existing HPE MSL LTO upgrade drive kits, you can cost-effectively store up to 8.4 PB compressed with LTO-8 media. The HPE StoreEver MSL3040 Tape Library offers exceptional enterprise features, such as advanced security and reliability. It is a tape storage solution that addresses data backup and long-term data storage challenges such as storing medical records, video surveillance files or business compliance.

Features and Benefits

  • The MSL3040 Base Module holds up to 40 LTO Tapes in 3U per module
  • No tape drives included. Supports LTO 8, LTO 7 and LTO 6 tape drives 
  • Rack Mountable 3U Modules
  • Each Module can support up to 3 half-height LTO Tape drives (HH) per module
  • Expandible - by adding up to 8 expansion modules, you can increase capacity up 280 LTO tapes and 21 LTO tape drives.
  • Protect your current investment - you can reuse LTO-6, LTO-7 or LTO-8 MSL2024, 4048 and 6480 tape drives in the HPE MSL3040 Tape Library
  • Manage, configure and use from across the room or across the globe

The MSL3040 Tape Library is TAA (Trade Agreements Act) compliant.

Pricing Valid for US End Users Only

High Scalability

The modular design of the MSL3040 includes a continuous robotics feature to provide in-box scaling for higher performance,
greater scalability, and higher reliability. Upgrades are fast and non-disruptive. Scale vertically from 40 to 280 cartridge slots to store up to 8.4PB* in a single 19-inch rack. Several drive options are available:

  • Add between 1 and 21 HPE StoreEver LTO-8 Ultrium 30750, LTO-7 Ultrium 15000, LTO-6 Ultrium 6250 FC or SAS
    tape drives.
  • Scaling up with the MSL3040 couldn't be easier:
    • Start with an empty Base Library
    • Add a redundant power supply if required**
    • Add between 1 and 3 LTO-8, LTO-7 or LTO-6 half-height tape drives and utilize up to 40 cartridge slots - a fully
      configured base unit with LTO-8 provides a max capacity of up to 1.2PB (assuming 2.5:1 compression)
    • Then add between 1 and 6 empty expansion modules to the Base Library - each 3U expansion module might require a
      power supply if further drives are to be installed in the expansion. (Redundant power supply needs to be added if
    • Expansion modules can be flexibly installed above or below the base library module
    • You can then configure each expansion module with up to 3x LTO-8, LTO-7, or LTO-6 FC or SAS tape drives and utilize up to 40 cartridge slots per expansion module

* Assumes fully loaded with LTO-8 media cartridges at a 2.5:1 data compression ratio
** Extra power supplies need to be factory integrated in order to be TAA compliant

The HPE MSL3040 LTO Tape Library supports up to 21 logical partitions for greater flexibility and higher asset utilization.
Partitioning allows each partitioned library to be presented to the host as an independent library, separate from other partitions in the library. Hosts for each partition own independent sets of media and can use ISV software that is different from the other partitions allowing maximum flexibility and utilization of the MSL library.

Download the Quick Specs for the HPE StoreEver MSL3040 Tape Library  Quick Specs for the HPE StoreEver MSL3040 Tape Library

What's in the MSL3040 Scalable LTO Tape Library Base Module Box

  • Power Cord, 2.5M PDU C13/C14, 10A
  • Rack-mount hardware
  • Getting started poster
  • Power supply
  • Standard power supply is included with the base module. Redundant power supply is not included as standard. If required,  it needs to be added to the order and should be TAA Compliant, factory integrated, #0D1
  • Does not contain any tape drives, up to 3 HH tape drives may be added to the base module
  • MSL3040 rack-rail extends between approximately 683 and 900mm (between 68.3 and 90 cm)


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Manufacturer: Hewelett Packard Enterprise
Model: HPE StoreEver MSL3040 LTO Tape Library Base Module
Part Number: Q6Q62B
Drive Technology: LTO-8 Ultrium 30750
LTO-7 Ultrium 15000
LTO-6 Ultrium 6250
Maximum Number of Drives-Per Module 3 Half Height LTO 8, LTO 7 or LTO 7 Drives (per Module)
Number of Tape Slots-Per Module: 40 (Base Module)/40 (Expansion Module)
Drive Interface:  8 Gb Native Fibre Channel
6 Gb/sec SAS
Dimensions: Shipping: 12.6 X 27.09 X 45.59 in
Base Module: 5.24 X 18.98 X 34.27 in
Weight: Shipping: 55.34 lbs
Base Module: 55.34 lbs
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