Who We Are

Started in 2000 as a small family-owned business in the basement of our Redding, Connecticut home. Thanks to your business and support; we are the same family-owned and operated small business today!

Our mission is to provide you with an outstanding customer experience. The personal service we want in our lives we want to give to you. When you call us during business hours a person will answer the phone! Responsiveness is important to you and to us.

You can trust to provide the technology solutions you need. We strive to exceed your expectations of an online shopping experience. As our business grew, we opened an office and warehouse in Austin, Texas. To provide you the best service we have staff in Connecticut and San Antonio. We have agreements with more than 10 regional warehouses located throughout the United States to expedite your products' delivery.

Our Approach to Business

Finding the right solution for your business is important, as important as obtaining it from the right supplier. As a consumer we understand that you want quality, reliable products from your supplier at fair prices. You also want a partner who will provide unbiased advice and work with you to solve problems that may arise. We strive to be a business partner you can always depend on.

Our credo is very simple: Treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.

We Value Your Opinion and welcome your suggestions!
Did the product you purchased meet your expectations? Your reviews and ratings are very important to us and to other customers! We use them to evaluate the products we sell, improve our customer service and customer experience!

About 10 days after your purchase, we will send you an email asking you to review and rate the product(s) you purchased.

Please help others to make more educated decisions and help us be our best by taking a few minutes to review your purchase! Please let us know your thoughts.

Thank you for your business!