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Fargo 51400 DTC1500 ID Card Printer - Single-Sided - No Lamination

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Fargo DTC1500 Single Sided ID Card Printer


The fast and durable Fargo DTC1500 ID card printer is an ideal solution for organizations looking for professional-level card printer features at small- to medium-size business prices. Think of the DTC1500 as a stronger evolution of the popular Fargo DTC1250e – previously our best-selling Fargo printer. With the DTC1500, your organization gains high-volume productivity, enterprise-worthy credential security, and easy add-on upgrades.

Turn on high-volume output with the drop of a ribbon
Your card issuance needs ebb and flow. Wouldn’t it be nice to enable high volume printing without upgrading to expensive models that don’t get used to their potential most days? Now you can. The DTC1500 accepts supplies made for large runs – like its affordably priced 500 print YMCKO ribbon or its 850 print half-panel color ribbon. You’re getting approximately 50% more prints per ribbon, plus one of the lowest cost-per-card breakdowns found in the market.

Watch productivity spike to new heights when you pair high-quantity production with fast print speeds - the DTC1500 by Fargo creates 225 full color single-sided cards per hour!

Create custom visual card security
The DTC1500 is the first in its family built with the capability to apply a security watermark (a transparent image printed over card credentials). Create a custom logo, symbol or text watermark that turns a standard ID card into a counterfeit-resistant badge - no special overlaminates, cards or equipment needed.

Don’t forget that card fraud attempts can occur within your building walls, too. To ensure only approved printer operators access your DTC1500, enable the password protection on the printer. Data decryption offers a second layer of security; a resin erase feature scrambles resin-printed text on the ribbon, making it impossible for thieves to duplicate.

Detailed printing with built-in rewrite
This 300 dpi direct-to-card printer uses a dye-sublimation printing process. Produce highly-accurate colors and images right onto the card surface. Its thermal resin transfer mechanism fuses black resin straight from the ribbon onto the card, so black text and barcodes look crisp on day one and every day after. In addition, the DTC1500 printer efficiently manages visitor badges and temporary ID cards. When paired with rewritable cards, a built-in erase and rewrite function allows cards to be reused for future issuance.

Comes standard with USB & Ethernet connectivity
Establish a network connection from one or more workstations with either a USB 2.0 or Ethernet interface – both come standard. Add on Fargo’s Wi-Fi accessory and you can open card issuance to anyone, anytime, from anywhere.

Warranties that protect your investment
Known for its durability, you can trust that the DTC1500 by Fargo will perform reliably. A three-year manufacturer’s warranty covers repairs if maintenance is required. To minimize out-of-pocket-costs post-warranty, ID Wholesaler offers extended warranty plans for your printer.

Optional - verify more credential data with dual-sided printing
It’s hard to forecast your card issuance needs, even in the not-so-distant-future. With the DTC1500 printer, you don’t have to. Every printer comes with a built-in dual-sided flipper. If you order a single-sided printer but later discover you need to print on both sides of your cards, an after-purchase upgrade is simple. Insert the included RFID tag into your printer to activate dual-sided printing - it’s that easy.

Optional - laminate cards for higher security and durability
An overlaminate is an effective method to fortify anti-fraud properties, especially if UV or holographic films are employed. The protective layer will also extend the life of your cards. If dual-sided printing is enabled, you may upgrade your DTC1500 with single-sided lamination.

Optional - encode data and print cards in one pass
Identity verification and access control sometimes require more than visual card credentials. Embedding cardholder or company info onto a card, or the ability to program cards with access control systems, is essential in high-security environments. Configure your DTC1500 for inline encoding to magnetic stripes and smart card technologies.

Ideal Applications:

  • Corporate ID
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Membership cards
  • Transportation passes
  • Manufacturing
  • Government (including driver’s license and national ID programs)
  • Military
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