mLogic mTape Thunderbolt 3 LTO-8 Tape Drive with YoYotta LTFS software for macOS - MTAPE-TB3-LTO8-YY

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  • mLogic mTape Thunderbolt 3 LTO-8 Tape Drive with YoYotta LTFS software for macOS - 
  • mLogic mTape Thunderbolt 3 LTO-8 Tape Drive with YoYotta LTFS software for macOS - 
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mLogic YoYotta LTFS LTO BundlemTape Thunderbolt 3 LTO-8 with YoYotta LTFS for macOS - MTAPE-TB3-LTO8-YY
The and only Thunderbolt LTO-8 Solution Certified by Apple & Intel

The mLogic mTape Thunderbolt 3 LTO-8 revolutionizes LTO storage and archiving, enabling users to easily connect LTO-8 Ultrium technology to portable, desktop and all-in-one computers that feature Thunderbolt connectivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Desktop LTO Ultrium 8 Tape Drive with Thunderbolt 3 connectitivity
  • Includes YoYotta LTFS Archiving Software for macOS (download)
  • Capacity of up to 12 TB native (up to 30TB compressed) storage capacity per LTO8 tape cartridge 
  • LTO tape has a 30+ year shelf life - Significantly longer than hard drives
  • Up to 300 MB/second data transfer rate
  • Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Reads and writes to both LTO-8 & LTO-7 tapes
  • Compact, portable form-factor DC powered - Enables use in any environment
  • Free mLogic LTFS utility mounts the mTape like a hard drive for drag & drop functionality
  • macOS and Windows compatible (Thunderbolt port required)
  • Certified by Apple & Intel
  • Ships complete with LT0-7 tape, Cleaning tape and Thunderbolt 3 cable
  • Three Year Warranty frm mLogic

We recommend YoYotta LTFS Software if you need an archive/retrieve app for macOS that features an integrated database to track assets offloaded to LTO. Yoyotta software can also initialize new LTO-7 tape cartridges in M8 format with mTape LTO-8. This increases the native capacity of LTO 7 tapes from 6TB to 9TB per tape. M8 cartridges can only be used with LTO-8 drives. YoYotta LTFS is included with this bundle (download)

Long, Cost Effective, Shelf Life
LTO Ultrium tape offers a shelf-life of 30+ years and a reliability level that exceeds what is achievable with spinning disk and solid state drive technology. mTape is the ultimate archiving solution to safeguard important digital media for the long term. And LTO tape is not only more reliable than disk, but much more cost effective.

YoYotta LTFS Archiving Software for macOS
With YoYotta LTFS you can create cross platform LTFS archives using LTO 8, LTO 7 or LTO 6 tapes. 

Track assets from production to post.  YoYotta LTFS creates industry standard archives to LTO-6, LTO-7 or LTO-8 tapes with mTape or mRack.  YoYotta names, formats, mounts and repairs tape archives.  During the archive YoYotta calculates both MD5 and xxHash checksums and then automatically uses these to read back and verify every file.  YoYotta LTFS also enables simultaneous archiving to two LTO tapes with mRack Dual units (sold separately) for the ultimate in data security.  

YoYotta remembers the contents of every tape created so later on you can search to find the location of shots.

Learn More about YoYotta Archiving and Retrieval
mTape supports YoYotta LTFS SoftwareVideo - Learn more about YoYotta LTFS - Linear Tape File System..  With LTFS, mTape mounts just like a hard disk with drag and drop functionality.

mDrive also works with your Favorite Backup/Archive Software
mTape is compatible with industry leading LTO archiving and media management software for macOS and Windows including:

  • axle ai
  • Archiware - P5
  • Imagine Products - PreRoll Post
  • Pomfort - Silverstack XT
  • Retrospect
  • Square Box - CatDV
  • StorageDNA - DNA Evolution
  • XenData - XenData 6 Workstation
  • YoYotta - YoYotta LTFSInnovative Design - DC Powered

mTape features a compact form-factor design with aluminum construction that is ideal for mobile applications.  And mTape is DC powered enabling the unit to be used in virtually any environment, be it in the studio or a remote location.         

What's in the Box

  • mTape with LTO-8 Ultrium tape drive
  • LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning cartridge
  • 1 meter Thunderbolt 3 cable
  • Universal power adapter
  • YoYotta LTFS Archiving Software for macOS (online download).
YoYotta LTFS
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Manufacturer mLogic
Part Number MTAPE-TB3-LTO8-YY
Format LTO-8 Tape Backup Drive - External, Portable
Tape Drive IBM LTO Ultrium 8, LTFS Compatible
Software YoYotta LTFS Archiving Software (download)
Storage Capacity LTO 8 Tape: 12TB Native, up to 30TB Compressed
LTO 7 Type M (M8): 9TB Native, up to 22.5TB compressed
LTO 7 Tape: 6TB Native, up to 16TB compressed
Connector Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports
Drive Throughput Native: 300 MBps
Compressed 750 MBps*
Formats Supported LTO-8 Tape (Read/Write)
LTO-7 Type M (M8) (Read/Write)
LTO-7 Tape (Read/Write)
Not compatible with LTO 6 Tape or prior generations
Dimensions 11.5" x 8" x 4"
Weight 8.75 lbs.
Warranty mLogic provides 3-Year factory warranty
Worm Capable Yes
System Requirements Mac or Windows PC with Thunderbolt port
Included in the Box mTape with LTO-8 tape drive
YoYotta LTFS Software (download)
LTO-7 tape cartridge
LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning cartridge
1 meter Thunderbolt 3 cable
Universal power adapter
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